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By transcendent ventures, we mean businesses, products, programs, projects, movements, or any mix thereof, that share this common purpose: to advance humanity’s capacity for self-actualization at the individual, organizational and/or societal level; and to do so at sustainable profit and scale.


Corporate Television is a mediatech venture that combines industrial-scale video production with popular TV and film formats on the content side, and cloud/mobile/social/game technologies on the distribution side. As a platform, Corporate Television powers other […]


We see a long-tail of text-heavy IP – books, seminars, research, white papers, dissertations, entire libraries of curricula, certificate, and degree programs at every level and branch of learning; from K-12 to PhD; from law, […]


APPTIVY (renamed Digital Learning Pills or DLP) is a Madrid- and Manila-based edutech venture that develops video-rich mobile apps for applied learning. By combining industrial-scale video production with participative “always there” mobile technologies, DLP delivers the kind of […]

Ripple100 Media

Ripple100 Media Labs builds and invests in transmedia and storytelling capabilities, including cloud, mobile, social and game technologies, to offer organizations a powerful platform for engaging key audiences. Our Media Lab Transmedia Storyworld portfolio includes more than […]

Ripple100 Agency

Designated a Connecticut Technology Council Company to Watch, Ripple100 integrates deep R&D and technology even in its agency offering, building Transmedia Story Worlds for select brands as alternative platforms for connecting with their most valued […]

The Y Groupe

You want to serially spawn game-changing companies, you need the kind of capital that’s willing and able to come in early, make decisive bets on good teams, and commit capacity, network and resources to back […]


Born in the USA and growing up in Asia, the Center for University-Based Enterprise & Development builds and invests in startup hubs and venture accelerators dedicated to creating collaborative, geo-concentrated corridors of innovation among faculty, […]

1.4 KCOR

K-COR is the Katipunan Corridor, 1.4 kilometers the distance bridging the Ateneo and the University of the Philippines, two of Asia’s finest universities, both located in Katipunan. K-COR is not a top-down, government or big […]